The changing face of the Fintech Ecosystem

The Global Financial Services landscape has been totally transformed as a result of the meteoric advance and application of Financial Technology (FinTech) combined with the drive towards the seamless integration of smart objects (IoT), using intelligent predictive data. Tasks, from banking to payments, lending & wealth management, historically administered with paper money, huge computers, human engagement and often unwarranted regulation, are now being conducted entirely on digital interfaces.

Given the size and scope of the financial services sector across the globe, the opportunity for innovative FinTech start-ups, software vendors & financial consulting companies, to continue to disrupt the market is immense. However, even the relatively new FinTech world is itself maturing. Whereas, in recent times payments and lending have proven to be the leading Fintech growth sectors globally, as the world moves forward, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence/machine learning, RegTech, InsurTech, Big Data & analytics, are expected to gain even greater investor interest and attention.

Further evidence of market maturity can also be found in the changing relationship between historic incumbent financial services players and the new age Fintechs, who are no longer viewed purely as potential threats but increasingly viewed as partners/investment/acquisition targets, collaborating on new customer products and services providing opportunity for both sides to compete and scale their business operations.


To support the continued growth of the FinTech sector, Oakmont specializes in connecting world class technology talent with innovative, high-growth companies encompassing:  

  • Lending (alternative finance)

  • Digital Banks

  • Robo-advisors, Personal Finance & Wealth Management

  • Payments (online & mobile)

  • Money Transfers & Remittances

  • Blockchain & Bitcoin

  • Institutional & Capital Markets

  • Equity Crowdfunding

  • RegTech 

  • InsurTech 

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