Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The Global Cybersecurity Market was valued at USD 161.07 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 363.05 billion by 2025.  However there remains a serious global skills gap for experienced Cybersecurity Professionals. The estimated current cybersecurity workforce is 2.8 million professionals, while the amount of additional trained staff needed to close the skills gap is 4.07 million professionals, according to (ISC)2. The data indicates a necessary cybersecurity workforce increase of 145% globally.

In the UK, the current cybersecurity workforce estimate is 289,000, alongside 121,000 in France and 133,000 in Germany. The shortage of skilled professionals across EMEA has grown to 291,000. 

Key Trends driving the need for increased Cybersecurity protection and experienced professional include: 

-The rise in IoT, BYOD, AI and machine learning in Cybersecurity is fuelling the demand for increased protection. Notably adoption of M2M/IoT connections within large scale enterprises is driving the market.

-Increase around the world of "Smart City" projects & initiatives suggest that by 2025, there may be around 30 global smart cities which will demand high levels of Cybersecurity for prevention.

-Airplane(commercial & military) navigation & guidance systems can be highly susceptible to cyber-attacks, which can have widespread ramifications. Computers & networks for all the ground and air-borne operations require strong security infrastructure. The increasing adoption of machine-to-machine technologies (M2M) in the aerospace domain and the focus of the governments on cybersecurity to counter cyber terrorism has driven the growth of the cybersecurity market in this sector immensely for the past few years.

To help our clients solve/meet all of their CyberSecurity needs or to have a confidential discussion about your next career opportunity, Oakmont has developed a trusted and deep-rooted network of experienced(and graduate) Cybersecurity professionals, working with outsytanding global enterprises as well as exciting start-up earlystage innovators,  across multiple industry sectors. Typical roles for fulfilment include:

  • CISO   
  • Head of Information Security 
  • SOC Analyst 
  • SOC Manager 
  • Penetration Tester 
  • Security Analyst 
  • Security Engineer 
  • Security Architect 
  • Security Consultant 
  • Application Security Specialist 
  • DevSecOps  
  • GRC specialist

   For further information & confidential discussion please contact our our CyberSecurity Practice lead:

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